My first experience as a speaker

My 2 cents for speaking in front of a crowd…

For my 29th birthday this year, I tried something out of my comfort zone; speaking in front of a crowd… but not just any ordinary crowd, it was a bunch of people who shares the same passion as me. It was a great experience all round. At first it was nerve wrecking, the idea of sharing my experience and knowledge with people from the same industry. Many nights preparing, thinking about what to say, how to present and deliver my points across and then wondering whether people will be judgemental. At the end of the day, we are our own worst critic. It was exhilarating speaking up and realizing a lot of people have also gone through the same obstacles as me, understood where I was coming from and wanting to know about my journey.

Speaking at industry meetups are brilliant to share your ideas around. You may find that someone has already tackled a challenge you are experiencing and can give some valuable advice! Don’t be shy, I encourage all of you to try it 😉

Some photos of the night and my speech.

SydCSS - View from in front the crowd
SydCSS – View from in front the crowd

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