HackTank – Introducing Oracle

HipagesGroup held their very first hackathon a few days ago and it was extremely exciting. This hackathon is slightly different to any other hackathon – it has a twist. We have combined concepts from SharkTank into our hackathaon where the company invited some of the board members to be the advisers and judges for the event. We presented our ‘business’ idea of what we would like to build in front of the board members on the first day where they gave us advice based on their expertise. We had 48 hours to complete the project and present it back to the board members. The race is on!

I teamed up with 3 others to get out Oracles, a NLP (natural language processing) classifier and an image recognition classifier built in AngularJS and Ionic framework, an open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. It was my first time using the ionic framework but it was absolutely easy to use – I would truly recommend anyone who hasn’t checked out Ionic to have a try. We loaded our data into Metamind.io, to build our classifier, based on deep learning algorithms. As for our image recognition classifier, we used the CloudSight API.

Although we didn’t win as a team, I was extremely humbled to be announced the winner of the Inaugural Above and Beyond Award by our VP of Engineering and VP of Product.



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