Can I put HTML Forms in Emails?

I was asked this question today from our newsletter team. I remember being asked this same question 7 years ago by my first boss (Yikes! I’ve been in this industry for 7 years?!!). Back then, I wanted to impress him so I went ahead, built the form in an email, tested it and realized later on it had security concerns and it wasn’t going to work. So the answer to the question was a definite ‘NO’.

Today I thought it’s probably a good time to revisit this after 7 years. Maybe things have changed? Did a quick search on google and the first two pages I clicked on were:

These are both outdated articles so I thought maybe there are more updated information out there. Third time lucky, I landed on a sitepoint article written in March this year, Using Forms in Email: Method or Madness? – Sitepoint

Luckily Massmino has done the hard work for us. He has built a simple form  in an email and tested the results in each email client. The result? Forms are not displayed on Outlook for Windows and iOS

It’s rather interesting that in the 7 years, nothing has changed. It can be done (nothing is impossible) depending on which email clients you want to target but there are security concerns. It’s not ideal to use forms in emails. So 7 years later, the answer is still ‘NO’.


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