About Me

Hi! I’m Adelaine. People call me Adz. I’m a passionate web developer based in Sydney and love solving problems with technology. My eyes glow when I hear the word, “hackathon”. Chatbots, AI voice assistants and VR fascinates me and I want to make a change in the world.

I’ve recently changed jobs to work for Koala, a young startup that make furniture for the digital age.  Prior to that, I’ve work at hipages for 9 years; it’s been like a second home. I’ve seen the company transition from being a classified directory business to developing an online platform which connects consumers with trade professionals with messaging and payments features. Through this time, apart from creating new products, I’ve gained solid experience with CRO, growth hacking, AB Testing and SEO. I was also extremely grateful for the opportunity of taking on a leadership role; working alongside a fantastic Acquisition team. In 2016, I was appointed role of Head of Diversity and Inclusion, looking to represent hipages as thought leaders in the diversity and inclusion space and lead real change and improvement in the tech industry.

When I am not glued to the computer, I am also known as a gym junkie, movie fanatic, foodie and chocaholic. Coloring in, photography and travelling are other hobbies I love, which I don’t get enough time of!

Adelaine Ho


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