TGIF: Thank Google – It’s Fun

Craig Henneberry, our UX Design Lead showed me a few google “easter eggs” for some Friday fun! Search the following on Google:

  1. Tilt
  2. Blink Tag
  3. do a barrell roll

They work on a mobile device too! Pretty funky, eh?

Now here’s the most impressive one… On Google Images, search for:

Now go and play a retro video game in your spare time on google! Too bad this one is not responsive but probably a good thing for me… I could be here all day!

Sources: BuzzFeed – 18 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Speaker for SydCSS June Meetup

Thanks to the encouragement of Fiona Chan, I have put my hand up to be a speaker for the June SydCSS meetup! What better than to share my experience and journey of frontend development in the last 5 years at hipagesGroup? It is all still a learning curve for me every day but I like it that way. Web development is ever-changing and evolving, how do we pick the ‘least wrong tool’? 10 years code, 3 frameworks, 1 developer… How do we move away from 10 years of legacy code? Counting down the days… ok I better go and get my slides ready now…

On a GTM high!

For those of you out there who work on legacy code, A/B testing and third party javascript libraries throughout your site… check out the Google Tag Manager!

Enhance your site performance, we have managed to improve our page speed by simply moving 3 javascript tags into GTM.

Need to include a tracking script for the marketing team of your company? Welcome to the world of streamline tagging. Get them to manage the tags themselves within GTM. “Cut tag deployment from days to hours”