Sharing my Growth Hacking journey

Back in February, I wrote a post on Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B testing and briefly touched on the topic of Growth Hacking. I’ve been inspired to write more after meeting Sean Ellis, the godfather who coined the term “Growth Hacking”, entrepreneur, angel investor,  startup advisor, founder and CEO of Qualaroo and, last week at SydStart and today at the Fireside Chat in ATP Inovations.

Sean talked about learning from your test failures, asking those repeat users from your platform what they would miss from your product if it wasn’t around anymore, how growth hacking is addictive like a drug and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to Growth Hacking. His passion to share the knowledge from his journey has been very inspiring. So I thought I’d share a little about my journey.

The first time I’ve been exposed to the term Growth Hacking was from our VP of Product, Dino Talic. He introduced the concept to hipages back in 2013. I used to say that I’m the curse child because every test I worked on, the results were opposite from our hypothesis – it was very demoralizing.

But early this year was when I really saw the concept of growth hacking differently, I was no longer disappointed when tests didn’t work, instead it provided valuable learnings about our users. We picked up our velocity, created a mini CRO growth pod, decided to set ourselves a goal of deploying 3 tests per week and gosh we were on fire! We would analyze the behavior of our users, brainstorm test ideas, prioritized the impact and wins, implement them, get the test out and the process repeated itself. We learned from our test results, increased our conversions and celebrated our wins!

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity and luxury to put this into practice at work. There is nothing about growth that is not to like. I love the variety; wearing many different hats, analyzing data, coming up with test ideas on how to move the metrics we were chasing and when you see the needle moving, the satisfaction is exhilarating. This is growth.

But what’s more interesting is the concept of growth teams. It was only around August when I realized more and more companies adopted having dedicated ‘Growth’ teams. When I met Paul Nguyen, Growth Hacker from, I was in awe of his talent. He was like a data scientist, engineer and product manager all-in-one.

What is your growth team like? Would love to hear what growth hacking means in your company. Feel free to drop me a line!

CRO and A/B Testing

HipagesGroup has recently introduced OKRs through all the departments. OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is exactly what it stands for: Objectives – goals that tell you where to go and Key Results – indicate how you will get to your goal for each objective. Our company OKR has been closely linked to Growth.

I was very privileged to be assigned into the Growth focus team where we created a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) pod consisting of our VP of Product, a product manager, myself and another developer. Our aim is to push out two CRO A/B tests a day and in the last few weeks, I am beginning to really appreciate and understand what Growth Hacking is all about.

  1. Analyse data to get insights on where the opportunities for conversions are on the site
  2. Look at user behaviour
  3. Come up with a hypothesis of how we can increase conversions
  4. Create an A/B test based on our hypothesis
  5. Analyse data of A/B test and the process starts again…

Once you get familiar with the process and deploy a few tests, it can get quite addictive. After the last few weeks, I find myself chasing those test results, wanting to know whether the tests we rolled out have moved the needle. The results for one of our CRO tests, aimed for the increase in mobile traffic, show that we have raised the conversion rate from 3% to 6% – that is a whopping 3% increase in conversions! CRO has now become one of my passions! Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything CRO.

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